After an initial check-in and briefing in front of the restroom area at the C&O parking lot at Anglers Inn, participants will be asked to line up shortly before 3:30 am. At 3:30 we will begin streaming past the detector.

It is important that all participants walk past the timing detector so that they may be properly recorded for a starting time. Your event number has an RFID chip which will be read by the detector.

The event has permission to park in the Anglers lot for an extended period of time. However, we suggest printing a copy of the cover page of our permit and leave on your dashboard so park rangers can identify the purpose of your vehicle.

support schedule

Note the following is our schedule for our support teams. There will be three support teams assigned to various stops. They will be assisted by two or more cars. In addition, we have three cyclists that will roam the trail helping to guide, notify and provide minor support. Four members of our staff have First Aid certifications.

The following information will be provided on a card to all participants at the start of the event (click here to download):

FW_Kennedy50_2019 Event Card_Image.png